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We offer our high quality service to both domestic and commercial clients throughout all suburbs in Bendigo VIC

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We also have a wide range of additional quality services for all your projects.

Specialty Concreting contractors

Our concreters offer specialty concreting construction including formwork design, exposed aggregate and architectural concrete.

Professional Team of Concreters and Trades

We are committed to quality and have a professional team of contractors in Bendigo and the best concreters that will work together to help you achieve the results that you’re looking for. We can assure you that we will only provide exceptional workmanship and a quality finish.

Concreting Bendigo serviced by our professional team

As Bendigo’s number one choice for concreting contractors, we offer high quality service including exposed aggregate, formwork design, and architectural concrete construction. Bendigo Concrete cater to both commercial and domestic clients throughout the city and surrounding areas including East Bendigo, the North Bendigo area and Quarry Hill. 

Our business, with our highly experienced and professional concreters and tradespeople will work with pride together to provide you with the best results. Bendigo Concrete can guarantee that our concreters can handle any job, big or small, based on your needs and specifications. Learn more about our company or contact us for free quotes.

Why you might need concreting

Projects that may require concrete include the following:

There are several reasons why you may need a concreting service, but the most significant reason for most homeowners in Bendigo VIC is to upgrade or redesign your driveways, paths, decks, pergolas, or to install concrete Bendigo slabs for homes, sheds or granny flats. Many also need significant amounts of concrete for construction of retaining walls to beautify their surroundings and add a touch of luxury to your property.

Whatever your next project is, it’s essential that you find a well-established construction business that has extensive experience in coloured and plain concrete driveways, exposed aggregate, pathways and other entertaining areas in your property.

We want you to know that Bendigo Concrete can be relied on to lay down the proper concrete based on the landscape of your area and the design you want to achieve. We work with you and are transparent when it comes to the total cost needed for your job and type of building material and concrete that we’ll use before any work begins.

We’ll provide you a time frame that works for you, so you’ll know the expected date of completion. It’s a must that you set your own deadline, so we can let you know if it’s achievable. Most importantly, as a reputable Bendigo concrete construction provider we will create a contract before starting your job, to give you comfort in us as professionals in our field. Bendigo concrete trust you will soon know that we have the means and capability to deliver the top quality service that you deserve.



Why we Love Being concreters in Bendigo

Sharing some information about the beautiful Bendigo and how our concrete construction service can enhance your property

Here are some interesting facts about our city and how our concreting contractors  can help upgrade your property.

Bendigo VIC, located in central Victoria, has been around for a long time and has many ornate buildings built in a later Victorian colonial style. Many of the buildings in this city are registered by the National Trust of Australia.

Whether you live in East Bendigo, North Bendigo, West Bendigo or the city centre, having a property in this city is something that many residents are proud of as it is, after all, one of Australia’s most historically rich cities. Tourists flock to the Bendigo area year round to marvel at the many old buildings and landmarks that are spread throughout the city.

When you upgrade or restore your outdoor areas and driveway using exposed aggregate, stamped or coloured concrete Bendigo VIC, you are transforming and enhancing the value of your property. It will be more stylish, sophisticated, and welcoming for your friends and family.

Bendigo Concrete can assure you that with our quality work, when we lay a new surface, including shed slabs, a concrete driveway, house slabs or a concrete floor, it will be aesthetically pleasing and pristine for years to come. With years of concreting experience, it will also be low maintenance with great traction, even in cold and wet weather.

Our professional concreters in Bendigo VIC can install various types of concrete in a variety of locations, including Spring Gully and Flora Hill, depending on your taste and individual needs. Your outdoor and other entertainment areas will be more attractive to your guests and potential buyers if you’re planning to sell your property in the future.

Different types of concrete that we offer:

Our concreters offer a range of colours and textures to meet your needs in Bendigo VIC.

Exposed Aggregate


This is one of the most popular driveway finishes since it has that premium appearance. You can also choose from a wide range of colours and textured aggregate depending on your preferences and your properties landscape.
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Stenciled or concrete stamping


Concrete stamping involves using a dye on the concrete, which can mimic the look of brick, stone, or an individually paved driveway.
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Coloured concrete


When it comes to coloured concreting in Bendigo, we offer various colours to suit your taste and needs. We can also guarantee that the products we use are the best and most durable materials available on the market. In fact, our concreters mix coloured oxide into the concrete before laying the surface. This ensures that the colour will be even and rich.
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Concrete Slabs


Concrete slabs are a great foundation for new houses, shed or granny flats, and can provide good thermal comfort. The slabs that we install can be suspended, on-ground, or a combination of both. Our concreters will insulate the slab giving it the capability to significantly reduce heat on the surface.
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Plain concrete


Plain concrete is an inexpensive but ideal way of rejuvenating your outdoor area. We can even add a more textured finish to give it more zest and style.
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Concrete driveways

Concrete is one of the best materials for driveways, and there is a good reason for it. In fact, a concrete driveway is solid and durable, and they require little maintenance. The combined longevity and strength of concrete makes it a cost-effective option for large areas of paving.

Although homeowners can pour concrete on their driveway, it is not as easy as it may look so we do not recommend it. In addition, laying concrete on a driveway is a time critical task because once you pour concrete, it will harden very quickly. For this reason, Bendigo Concrete offer our professional concreting construction service, which include planning and construction of a concrete driveway. Our concreters take great pride in their work, and are experienced in excavating, preparing forms, pouring concrete, and finishing the concrete driveway according to industry standards.

Exposed aggregate

Exposed aggregate concrete is a type of decorative concrete, and it requires a particular method that removes the top layer of cement paste to reveal the aggregate underneath.  The exposed aggregate will harden and become very durable, ideal for sidewalks, driveways, and patios. The common method employed by concreters is to use a retardant solution after the concrete and aggregate are mixed together on the ground.

The surface will then be rinsed away using a hardened hose or pressure washer during the concreting process to expose the aggregate. When it comes to exposed aggregate, our business is considered one of the best in Bendigo VIC. We also have the tools and the right method to accomplish this for you.


Concrete house slabs come in various forms and sizes, and they can provide the foundations for lifestyle advantages and thermal comfort. In fact, a concrete slab work well in cool climates or areas with an extreme day-night temperature range. Although its thermal mass must be combined with other passive design principles, it is the only way to make it effective.

We can help you design, place, and reinforce concrete slabs so that they are compacted well with no voids or porous areas. This will ensure its stability and strength for many years to come. Bendigo Concrete can lay house slabs and shed slabs, as well as anything else slab related you may require.


Stamped concrete is a recent innovation in the concreting industry and is being used for patios, driveways, car parks, and sidewalks. It is considered a more cost-effective option than granite, and it has the capability to keep its appeal for a very long time. Also, stamped patterns are very flexible since you can easily arrange and manipulate it in various patterns and designs which is great for keeping your property in Bendigo VIC unique.

f you are looking to upgrade your driveway or it is your first time trying this type of concrete, Bendigo Concrete are the business you are looking for. In fact, we can assure you that our contractors are capable of handling your job in Bendigo VIC from start to finish.

Retaining walls

The business of designing and building retaining walls will require experience and expertise because there are a variety of factors to consider, whether it is intended for commercial or residential use. Therefore, it is recommended that you only hire reputable, experienced, and licensed contractors for this type of job.

In fact, it is essential to know the type and design that will work best for your property, and how deep the footing of your retaining wall should be, as well as what is the best material for your location. We at Bendigo Concreting can provide you with highly skilled and experienced concreting contractors who can create advanced planning and careful layout to ensure that your retaining walls are constructed correctly to avoid any hazards or accidents once the job is complete.


Patterned or stencilled concrete is similar to stamped, but the only distinguishing factor is the pattern used in the concrete. For stencilled concrete, concreters often use disposable paper stencils to create and mimic realistic-looking grey mortar joints and other exquisite materials like cobblestone for your concrete floor in Bendigo VIC.

Stencilled concrete is also more straightforward for concreters to apply, and it is the fastest since a large job can be completed half the time compared to stamped concrete. In addition, our Bendigo team are an expert in producing stylish designs using stencilled concreting.


This is one of the most practical types of concrete since it is just standard concrete with colour added. Many contractors use coloured concrete because it can produce vibrant and attractive designs at a very affordable cost. Also, there are various ways of adding colour to concrete depending on the look and effect you are after. Usually, mixed pigments are added to concrete to distribute the colour evenly.

If you choose to use coloured concrete for your concreting job, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Bendigo Concrete are your one stop shop and can help you choose the best design based on your landscape, and we will guide you through the whole process, including where to source the suitable concreting materials for your job.

Why you should choose our business

Your Premier Concreting Team in Bendigo VIC

We are your premium concreting contractors in Bendigo VIC, and we specialise in the design and installation of concrete driveways. Offering quality work on a variety of projects for both commercial and domestic clients, our qualified and highly skilled concreters have years of experience in the industry. We can assure you that they can help you build an amazing and inspiring entertainment area in your backyard or upgrade your driveway based on your vision and unique style.

If you are hoping to to maintain or enhance your backyard and other outdoor areas in your home, then give us a call today. Bendigo Concrete have extensive knowledge and experience in repairing discoloured, scaling, cracking concrete. Our concreting contractors are the best in the industry, and they know the best concrete mix for your job, to produce a low maintenance surface that will last the life of your home.

 If high standards, competitive prices and a business with a great reputation is what you are looking for, you are not likely to find any other contractor that can match the expertise and commitment of Bendigo Concrete.

If you need professional and experienced contractors who produce high quality work, contact Bendigo concreting now. Our Bendigo team will provide you with a competitive concrete service quote based on the needs of your job and guide you throughout the whole process.

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