Concrete Technology

building construction worker pouring cement or concrete with pump tube

Concrete is a favoured material especially for driveways in Bendigo, and there’s a valid reason for that. In fact, concrete is durable and strong, and they require little maintenance. The combined benefits of longevity and strength make concrete the best construction material for driveways or other large paved areas.

Concrete is more expensive than asphalt and gravel, but less expensive than a driveway made of cobblestone, brick, or concrete pavers – and it can typically outlast all of these.

Concrete will oftentimes look dull in appearance, but it can be upgraded using several concreting methods and materials like exposed aggregate, stamped, and coloured concrete to make it unique and attractive. You can also bring back your concretes aesthetic appeal with a quick pressure wash- learn here about pressure washer techniques.

Different concrete options

Exposed aggregate – this finish reveals the aggregates that are mixed into the concrete and are usually chosen for the way they look. Exposed aggregate finish is often accomplished by washing away the top layer of cement, allowing the aggregate to show through. This finish will look even more unique and attractive when it’s accompanied by other materials like seashells, stones, coloured glass or granite.

Stamped – concrete stamping is one of the more popular methods of adding texture and visual interest to your surface. This finish is made by placing panels with designs unto an uncured cement. The design on the panel gives this finish a more texture look.

Coloured concrete – this option provides you with a different colour combination, and it is also a durable finish. In fact, this concrete uses coloured oxide that ensures the driveway’s surface will have a rich and even colour that lasts.

Plain concrete – if you want inexpensive concrete to rejuvenate and maintain your driveway, then this is the best option for you. You can even add a more textured finish by using a stipple.

Concrete driveway maintenance tips 

Clean concrete on a regular basis – you can use water and soap to remove grime, rust, stains and dirt build up on the surface of your driveway.

Avoid dropping sharp objects – you should avoid dropping sharp objects on the concrete surface to prevent cracks and minor chipping on the driveway.

Repair cracks immediately – you must repair any cracks that you see with a concrete sealer or any other crack repair product from your local hardware store. This will prevent any further cracks from vegetation taking root beneath the driveway. 

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