Essential Tips for Concrete Care


Many people take for granted our sidewalks, concrete patios, basement and garage floors. In fact, they seem invincible as we walk and drive over them, day after day. Also, concrete is a strong and durable material, but like any other material, these surfaces will deteriorate in time, especially if they are not maintained properly.

You should also consider the investment you made for your concrete flooring; it is clearly in your best interest to protect it by doing correct maintenance. So, here are some inexpensive ways to keep your concrete strong and pristine.

  • Seal the deal

Your concrete floors should always be coated with protective sealant to resist stains and repel moisture. While concrete is a solid and durable material, it is also very porous so it often absorbs water. Moisture can weaken concrete and it can even lead to cracks.

It is recommended to apply a sealer until the concrete cures complete and that will take at least 28 days. There are various kinds od sealer but the standard acrylic-resin and penetrating sealers will do just fine. Although applying them is not a one-time proposition, you will need to reseal your concrete at least every 2 years.

However, you should also consider other factors like the weather and how much foot and vehicle traffic it receives. Also, you would also want to use a penetrating sealer since this can last for five to ten years. Either way, sealing concrete is pretty easy to do, you will just need a good sealing product and a pain roller with at least a ¾ inch nap. The cost of sealant will vary depending on your location.

  • Always clean your concrete

Chemical and oil stains will not only look bad, but they can also lead to concrete deterioration. That is why you should immediately clean stains before they seep into the concrete.  For this purpose, you can use a chemical solution designed to remove stains from any type of concrete. For scale, rust, and mineral build, there are eco-friendly alternatives on the market like an intense cleaning agent that can remove stubborn dirt and stains on the concrete.

You can also use acid magic which is a safer alternative to a standard muriatic acid, and it generates up to 90 percent less fumes. In fact, acid magic is good for indoor use and ideal for people who are sensitive to the strong smell of muriatic acid.

However, it is always wise to protect yourself when using chemicals, so you should always wear gloves and eye protection.


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