How to Clean Various Types of Concrete Floors

concrete cleaning

There are various ways of cleaning your stained concrete floors, but a simple cleaning regimen will do the trick and will keep your floor looking pristine and new for many years to come. Here are some essential cleaning tips for your concrete floor:

  • Damp mop regularly to remove grime and dirt, cutting down on abrasion.
  • Use a pH-neutral cleaner and water for deeper cleaning since this will remove dirt and debris from your floor.
  • Use a good-film-forming sealer or coat of wax on your floors. It is also recommended to reseal your floors every two years or depending on foot traffic and wear on that area.

Stained Floors

Stained floors should be protected using a recommended sealer because this will help resist water, dirt, abrasions, and stains. Sealers will act as the top layer of protection that could prolong the life of your floor. It could also enhance the sheen and colour of your stained floors.

For indoor floorings, it is recommended to use water-based sealers as they don’t contain harmful fumes. For further protection against dirt, stains, and abrasion, we recommend that you use commercial-grade floor wax that is designed for concrete floors.

Floor wax can prevent minor scratches and wear patterns. It is also easier to reapply than sealers. In fact, the wax coating is often referred to by contractors as a sacrificial protective layer.

Polished concrete

Due to the polishing and densification process, polished concrete floors are considered extremely durable. In addition, they are easier to maintain than most types of decorative concrete floors because they don’t require waxes and sealers. In fact, you only need to do some basic cleaning routine to keep its lustre for years.

Some of the common things you should do include the following:

  • Mop it regularly, at least two to three times a week.
  • Like other concrete floors, you must use pH-neutral cleaning solutions designed for polished concrete, because these cleaners will not only clean the surface but also leave behind a dirt-resistant film.

Cleaning plain concrete

You will still need to do some routine maintenance for floors or surfaces that haven’t been treated with decorative finishes. Although the type and amount of maintenance will always depend on foot traffic and the wear and tear the floor is exposed to.

For plain concrete floors, it is essential that you clean always clean the surface of debris and dust with a blower, broom, or garden hose. If you notice some stains, you must first scrub the surface with warm water and a soft (non-metal) scrub brush.

However, you should use chemical solutions or degreasers for tough stains since this will most likely remove the stains on these types of floors. The only thing we don’t recommend is using muriatic acid on your plain concrete floors because this will leave behind stains that are hard to remove, and it may also affect the look and feel of your surface.


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