How to Properly Pressure Wash Your Concrete

pressure washing concrete

To maintain the appeal and value of your concrete surfaces, it is essential to pressure wash them at least once every 3 months. Power washers are the most efficient cleaning equipment that can cover large concrete surfaces, while also being very user friendly. In fact, a pressure washer can easily and efficiently remove tough stains, such as chemicals, paint, and tire marks.

What type of pressure washer should you use?

To effectively clean your concrete surfaces, you will need a power washer that can provide at least 3000 psi, with a water flow rate of at least 15 litres per minute. These types of washers may require a higher pressure to deal with the most challenging stains, so choosing the pressure washer that can dish out 3000 psi is a must.

We also recommend using a rotary nozzle because this can speed up the cleaning process. Rotary nozzles pump out water in a circular pattern, which can boost the water pressure unlike standard fan nozzles that usually deflect water at an angle, sapping exit velocity.

This is relatively important, especially if you are washing a large area, and you may also want a wheel-mounted pressure washer since these machines are large and more powerful than regular washers. They are also 3 times more efficient, so you get the job done in half the time.

How to Pressure Wash Your Surface

Here are some of the steps we recommend when using power washers.

  • Surface preparation

Before using your pressure washer, you will need first to prepare your surface. This means removing obstacles, furniture, debris, potted plants and toys. You may also want to cover plants or a delicate garden that may be in the firing line.

  • Apply detergent

Applying detergent is considered optional and will depend on the state of your concrete surface. However, adding detergent is always a good idea for maximum cleaning results. It is essential that you check the manufacturer’s instructions before applying detergent.

After applying detergent, let it settle for at least 5 – 10 minutes. This will ensure optimal cleaning performance.

  • Using the pressure washer

Once the detergent has settled, it is time to use the power washer and break down some of the tougher stains and grime. You can even crank your power up and start blasting the dirt and stains. This is where the rotary nozzle comes in handy since it can increase the speed and efficiency of the washer.

Once you remove tough stains and dirt, rinse away the remaining detergent switching back to a fan nozzle for a quick wash of the surrounding area. Your concrete surface should then be clean.

Maintaining your pressure washer

To keep the performance of your pressure washer, it is essential to maintain it. Here are some tips for maintaining your washer.

  • Do not run your machine without water available.
  • Ensure that the water source meets the pressure washer’s water volume requirements.
  • Do not leave your washer running for a few minutes without releasing the water. The build-up of water pressure inside your power washer can generate heat and may damage some of its parts.
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