Why Choose Reinforced Concrete as a Building Material

reinforced concrete

There are many reasons why contractors choose reinforced concrete for their building projects over other types of materials like steel and timber. In fact, reinforced concrete has several advantages over other construction materials, which makes more appropriate for certain projects.

Why select reinforced concrete for building structures?

Here are some of the common factors that give reinforced concrete its edge over other building materials:

  • Availability of materials
  • Affordability
  • It is a suitable material for both architectural and structural functions
  • Fire resistance
  • Low maintenance (it is less likely to experience cracking)

Low cost of reinforced concrete

The overall cost of any structure is the most significant factor that contractors consider. Obviously, the cost of building the structure will greatly depend on its materials, labour cost, and time allocated for the particular project.

The overall height of a structure is decreased when reinforced concrete is used as compared to a steel structure. This is because the floors are flat slabs while girder and joists are fitted within the same depth. Reducing the structure height will lead to a decrease in the wind force, which makes reinforced concrete more ideal than steel.

Also, when the height of the building is decreased, there will be more savings that can be allocated to other aspects of the project like claddings, electricals, and mechanical risers. This makes the whole building process much faster.

Why do contractors want to finish their project in the least possible time?

Building contractors will often need to assign a specific budget on several elements of their project. They would want to be able to take their investment back in the least possible time. So, it will be more economical to finish their project as fast as possible and receive their investment sooner. That is why it will be more ideal to use reinforced concrete because it can offset the extra cost used for the formwork and additional material used.

Reinforced concreter is broadly available and can be casted as per the requirements of clients. On the other hand, steel needs to be ordered and fabricated in a steel yard, which will take time and money to accomplish. Not to mention the delivery cost that needs to be shouldered by the contractor.

Suitability of reinforced concrete for both architectural and structural functions

Reinforced concrete can be used for both structural and architectural functions. In fact, fresh concrete can be moulded into any type of form and shape as well as desired textures. This can provide unique and amazing finishing depending on the requirements of the project. Reinforced concrete is also capable of supporting heavy loads, and that is on top of its aesthetic appeal. All shapes and sizes of reinforced concrete will be controlled by the designer or architect and implemented by the concreters.

If you are planning to build or upgrade a structure in your property, you should consider using reinforced concrete, because it is not only durable and economical, but you can also use several finishing techniques for outstanding results.


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