Why You Need to Avoid Wood in Any Construction Project


Wood has been part of various construction projects because it is durable, can be easily sourced, and can be cut to several sizes and lengths. It also offers several benefits like sound isolation, thermal elasticity, oxidation, and resistance to electrical charges. Above all these features, it can easily be repaired and maintained.

Timber can be used in framing residential housing and other entertainment structures in a property, but unfortunately has several structural disadvantages that may affect any construction project. In fact, wood is known to shrink, swell, and deteriorate when exposed to extreme temperatures. It can even produce biological diseases and fungi if not adequately treated.

Most importantly, timer can be damaged by termites, other insects, and moisture. Luckily, there are several building materials that you can use instead of wood, and they can produce far better results.

These are the alternative building materials to consider:

  • Bamboo

Bamboo is a natural raw material and is comparable to wood. But bamboo is so highly elastic that it can absorb energy. This means that it can twist and bend without being damaged, so it is ideal for areas with frequent seismic activity. Also, you can easily cut, repair, and maintain bamboo just like wood.

  • Wood composites

This building material is made up of recycled plastic and wood and is stronger than conventional wood. In fact, wood composites are more affordable, and have a natural-looking finish. This material is also durable and is immune to stain, heat, and fire. It can provide you with an extra layer of protection for your home.

  • Stone

Stone has been used for centuries, especially in the construction of castles and houses in the past. Stone was a popular material in the Middle Ages and has been used in Medieval Europe. Stone is used today because of its insulation properties, which are beneficial during hot weather. It is also durable and can withstand biological elements like mould.

  • Concrete

Another viable alternative is concrete which is now the most used man-made material on the planet. You can see concrete in various projects like buildings, driveways, concrete slabs, and footings. Concrete is malleable, and you can mould and form it to any shape. This means that concrete can mimic wood or timber. Most importantly, it is very durable like stone, requires less maintenance than timber, and is very affordable.

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