Concrete Slabs

Create a Stong Foundation with a Concrete Slab

If you are looking for a robust concrete surface to use as a foundation for a shed, granny flat or even a house, a concrete slab is a great option. This type of concrete provides high thermal comfort, and is used in various construction projects due to its resistance to fire, versatility and adaptability, while also being resistant to corrosion.

Concrete slabs are very cost-effective when compared with other building materials as they can easily be maintained and can last for decades without compromising structural integrity. In fact, concrete slabs are commonly used on foundations or projects with floating structures, precast structures, highway roads, irrigation canals, drains, and other structure that requires a strong foundation.

Are concrete slabs suitable for your concreting project?

There are valid reasons why concrete slabs may be ideal for your projects, and these include the following:

  • Unlike other types of concrete, you do not need to reinforce concrete slabs to meet the fire code requirements. It will perform well in various types of natural and manmade disasters.
  • They can withstand explosions that normal concrete cannot handle.
  • Reinforced concrete slabs can also endure extreme temperatures without losing structural integrity.

How are concrete slabs installed?

Producing and installing concrete slabs requires experience and expertise since the reinforcement steel must be placed properly in a formwork before you can pour the cement mix.  It is essential to use specialised equipment to aid you in this process. Having the right equipment will ensure the stability and quality of the slab.

This is also the reason why concrete slabs have high tensile strength compared to other types of concrete. This process will enable the concrete material to withstand vibrations, earthquakes, and various types of stress.

Is it more expensive than regular concrete?

The cost of creating and installing concrete slabs will solely depend on the types of materials added to it. These will include rebar, reinforcement steel, plastic mesh, and fibre, commonly added to the mix to boost its strength and resistance to cracks. These reinforcing materials will then be calculated per square metre, so you might want to consider these factors when choosing materials for your project.

Why Bendigo Concreting?

Bendigo Concreting is a premier concreting contractor in Bendigo, and we have a team of highly skilled and experienced concreters that can help you with your project. In fact, we have years of experience installing reinforced concrete slabs for various types of applications. So, if you are planning to upgrade or install a pathway, driveway, or any other outdoor area on your property, we can help.

We also have the equipment to effectively install concrete slabs, so no matter what type of landscape you have. We will guide you throughout the whole process, which means we will always be transparent when it comes to the total costs of your project, and the type of materials you will need to accomplish your goals.

We can assure you that you are dealing with an experienced and highly reliable concreting company in Bendigo when you hire us.


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