Coloured Concrete

The benefits of coloured concrete and its indoor and outdoor applications

Coloured concrete is a popular choice for homeowners in Bendigo because it is practical, and it can produce a vibrant and attractive surface at a very affordable cost. Coloured concrete is just standard concrete but with colour added to it to make it more appealing, or to meet the needs of the application.

Usually, mixed pigments are added to evenly distribute the colour throughout the body of the concrete. This is ideal since surface erosion occurs over time, but with this method, the concrete’s depth and colour are preserved. Another option we recommend is stamped or stencilled concrete as it allows you to mimic various paving designs and materials.

Common uses for coloured concrete

There are various uses for coloured concrete for both exterior and interior flooring applications. In fact, it is a popular material used in the kitchen, basement, and garage. You can even use different patterns and polishing to produce a unique interior finish. Coloured concrete can also be used on sink fixtures, furniture, fireplace surroundings, and benchtops.

For exterior applications, coloured concrete in Bendigo is great for patios and outdoor walkways because it can mimic or simulate natural colours that often blend with your property’s surroundings. In fact, it can look like brick, flagstone, and other surface materials. It is also a great option for driveways, pavers, swimming pool surroundings, and other areas in your backyard.

Why coloured concrete is great for various concreting projects

Coloured concrete is excellent for producing vibrant colours that will last for many years. In fact, it doesn’t only have that pleasant appearance, but it’s also easy to maintain and stain resistant. It is versatile type of concreting material since it can be used for various texturing methods to create antique or unique patterns.

Another benefit of coloured concrete is its capability to conceal outdoor stains, unlike traditional concrete that can’t hide dirt and grease stains that often accumulate in garages and driveways. This will ensure that your driveway will look brand new for years to come.


Why Choose Us?

Bendigo Concreting is a premier concreting company with years of experience laying coloured concrete on various driveways, patios, swimming pool surrounds, and garage floors. Our team of qualified and highly-skilled concreters will help you with the design and installation process. We can assure you that we have handled various projects for both residential and commercial clients in Bendigo and surrounding suburbs.

We also have the equipment and tools to professionally install coloured concrete in all areas of your property. So, whatever project you may have in mind, we are a great option and can guarantee that we can help you accomplish your project based on your design and within your budget.


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