Pool Surrounds

Concrete for Pool Areas

Having a pool in your yard is something to proud of because you have a fun and relaxing space for your friends and family to enjoy. In fact, a private pool has several benefits like hosting a wonderful pool party and enjoying hot summer weekends in a sparkling pool within your property. It is also a great place to get exercise. Swimming is very healthy and easy on your body compared to other types of high-intensity exercises.

If you are struggling with old or damaged tiles, pavers or decking around your pool, it is essential to upgrade your pool surrounds and convert it into an elegant oasis that can rival the amenities of expensive spas in your area. That is why you need to choose the best type of pool surround that perfectly blends with your pool.

What are the options for pool surrounds?

Swimming pools will often be very busy during the summer months in Bendigo, so you’ll need a tough and easy-to-maintain pool surround so that you can maintain the look and feel of your pool for years to come.

Many pool owners prefer to use wood, which is a common material for pool decking. However, it is important to get excellent exterior wood like redwood, cedar, or teak because it can repel water and other types of issues like insect damage. These materials are expensive and will require more maintenance when compared with concrete.

Decorative concrete alternatives

If you like that classic look, we recommend that you go with pre-cast concrete pavers, because this is an excellent alternative to poured concrete. You can also choose from a variety of shapes like rectangles, squares, and even octagons.

Another option is exposed aggregate, which is a great option for pool surrounds.

The top layer of the concrete can have a stamped pattern or brush-through effect. It all depends on the design you envision and your personal preferences, but there’s a vast number of colours and compositions to choose from. You can use earthy mixes of sands and pebbles that often complement the sparkling blue water and style of your pool.

Why choose Bendigo Concreters

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