How To Make Concrete Furniture

concrete furniture

Concrete fixtures and furniture are great for both interior and exterior settings. In fact, concrete can be used to create chairs, tables, firepits, and other furniture. Concrete is durable, and with its minimalist appearance, you can pair it with other fixtures in your home. 

Here are some good examples of concrete furniture:

Rhomba concrete and wood bench

If you want to create a statement for your commercial space, home, or rooftop environment, we recommend that a Rhomba concrete and wood bench. It is beautiful and functional, and the polished surface of concrete provides a warm look of wood to deliver a simple aesthetic for your outdoor living space.


Bent concrete side table

Building a bent concrete side table requires some concreting experience and some good techniques. You will need to make a flexible rubber mould using a shaped fibre reinforced concrete, which can turn into a fantastic side table. Once you have established the mould and you have set the concrete inside, you will then cure the concrete for several days before removing the casting. This will create the arches on the side table, giving it a timeless sense and style.

Quadra fire pit

The best thing about a quadra fire pit is its rustic look and feel. This type of concrete fire pit was designed to rekindle the nostalgia of gathering around a campfire. Also, a finished quadra section will weigh less than 150 pounds, so it can be moved within your backyard, or if you are transferring to a new home, it is possible to bring it with you.

Greenbrae concrete chair

A sleek and beautiful greenbrae lounge chair is perfect for any outdoor setting. In fact, this concrete furniture is usually made of fibre-reinforced concrete, and its ultra-thin walls defy conventional expectations of concrete. It also weighs less than 100 lbs, making it light enough to move around, but it stays put even in high wind.

Outdoor concrete dining table

This concrete table combines the basic forming methods and modern foam techniques at its base, making it a great outdoor dining table. The common material for this furniture is fibre reinforced concrete, so the entire weight of this table is just below 250 pounds. Although it is still considered heavy for most tables, it can be placed in your patio or garden.

These are just some of our recommended concrete furniture that you can create during your next outdoor project. However, it is wise to get in touch with an experienced and reliable concreting company like Bendigo’s concreting professionals that can guide you through the whole process.

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